QuadReal's property management is committed to partnering with tenants on reducing our environmental footprint, while enhancing workplace wellness for all occupants. We’ve included all of our sustainability resources below for your use.

WCP Tenant Communications - Engagement Programs & Initiatives

We See Community QuadReal's Sustainability Campaign 2022

2022 Outreach Campaign: We See Community

We are very delighted to launch a new sustainability program outreach campaign for 2022. We See Community reminds us about our connection with nature. Healthy environments make for health communities. It helps us seek to embrace on a healthy environment for our survival with clean water, food and air - overall well being.

Engagement Program: Overview

QuadReal's Sustainability Engagement Program is about celebrating the actions of many and the power of individuals to make a difference. Through innovative outreach campaigns we share our commitment to sustainability, health and wellness with tenants, residents and customers.  

 Wellness Campaign and Sustainability  QuadReal Sustainability

We See Community QuadReal's Sustainability Campaign 2022

We Care Too - A QuadReal Sustainability Initiative

As part of our sustainability engagement program for tenants, We Care Too is the 2021 campaign theme. We Care Too is about connecting the caring actions of our tenants and residents to the caring actions at QuadReal. It acknowledges the daily efforts of our stakeholders to enhance the natural and built environment. In short, we want to help our tenants reach their sustainability goals while we achieve ours. 


Alveole Beehives

As part of implementing QuadReal’s sustainability commitment, in 2019 Western Canadian Place welcomed thousands of ‘’new residents’’ after 2 beehives were installed in our building. With this new sustainable initiative, we are proud to take part in the great movement for more eco-conscious cities.

Urban beekeeping has increased as a response to a significant and constant decline in domestic honeybee colony numbers in North America. Bees pollinate more than 130 varieties of fruits and veggies around the globe – that’s a third of our food supply.

Our thousands of new residents pollinate the urban flora that surrounds during the summer. At the end of the season, we harvest the honey, which we share with our community. During winter months hives are covered for hibernation and the bees will comfortably stay in the warmth of their hive, where they’ll maintain an internal temperature of up to 35 degrees Celsius!

Feel free to check out WCP MyHive Page with current updates.

MyHive Page - Western Canadian Place


Alveole Beehives

2021 Campaign Elements

This year's campaign is composed of six themes covering a range of sustainability topics.  The themes include a greater emphasis on community, health and wellness given the changes experienced by individuals and communities due to the pandemic. We Care Too, therefore, responds to our tenants' and priorities. 

January - February Community Theme 

March - April Energy Conservation Theme

May - June Health and Well Being

July - August Water Conservation

September - October Water Reduction

November - December Community Engagement

2021 Campaign Elements